Guide to Buying a Dissertation


If you are thinking of buying a dissertation online, then read this guide before you do, no matter which website or company you decide to use.There are 3 golden rules to buying a dissertation in the UK:

  1. Check the companyThe company should be registered in the UK. If a company is registered in the UK, they are regulated like any other UK company and are likely to be a legitimate service.
  2. Check their service guaranteesMake sure the service you are buying is guaranteed to be of the quality you order, it’s not plagiarised work and that the terms are fair.
  3. Make sure the service is right for youEnsure they offer the service you need. Do they do chapter by chapter delivery? Do they write just sections of dissertations like the literature review or abstract? Can you specify the referencing style?

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1. Check the company

Before you buy any dissertation online, check the company you’re buying from. They should:

These are simple things to check and, if they all check out, you can be pretty confident that the service is legitimate:

1.1. Are they UK-based?


Having a domain name (website address, the www. bit) does not mean the website is UK based, anyone can buy one of these. You can quickly check if their website is hosted in the UK though, by:

  1. Going to – this service is free.
  2. Type in their domain name e.g. and click lookup.
  3. You can now see who owns that domain, are they in the UK?
  4. Click on the server stats tab, is the IP location (the location of the server the website is hosted on) in the UK?

Whilst not fool proof, this search is a good indicator of where a company is really based.


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1.2. Have they got a UK landline telephone number?

One common element on the foreign or scam dissertation writing websites is the phone number they use. They will tend to have a telephone number starting 08. They do this as it looks like it is a UK-number, but they can then very easily forward these numbers anywhere in the world! If you do ring one of these companies, check:

  • Does the dialling tone sound odd or different to when you make calls in the UK?
  • Ask where they are based, can they answer a simple question about that place?

If any of the above are observed, it is probably a foreign company or a scam website.

Genuine UK-based dissertation writing companies will:

  • Have a normal landline number just like yours, they don’t need to disguise where they are with an 08 number.
  • Be able to answer a simple question about the place they say they work.

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1.3. Are they registered with companies house?


This is very easy to check and is probably the best check you can do. If a company is registered in the UK, then they must say so somewhere on their website (usually in the footer or contact us page). They must also show their company registration number. Every UK registered company will have one of these. Once you have this, it’s easy:

  1. Find the company’s registration number on their website (UK Essays is 4964706).
  2. Go to the Companies House website here.
  3. Type in their company number and click search.
  4. You can now see their registered office address and when they last returned their accounts.

This check is not fool proof as companies can register at an address in the UK, but base their writing operations elsewhere. Check that the company’s registered office address matches their contact details on the website. Also, check that they have filed their accounts for the last tax year. If they have never filed any accounts, then be wary of them!

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1.4. Are they a registered data controller?

This one is harder for rip-off scam websites to get hold of, so is a pretty could check to see if you are dealing with a legitimate site.

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) keeps a public record of all organisations that are registered to process personal information. This is a statutory requirement under UK law. If the company is legitimate, and taking your personal details to process your dissertation order, they must be registered with the ICO.


Look for the company’s registered data controller number on their website (usually in the footer or the contact us page, UK Essays is Z1821391), then:

  1. Go to the ICO website here.
  2. Type in their Data Controller Registration number and click search register.
  3. You can now see the company that uses that registration number, is it the same as the company’s details elsewhere on their website?

If a company has a data controller number, they are probably a legitimate dissertation writing service.

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1.5. Are they able to write in clear english?

Look at the company’s website, is it written correctly or does it have English language errors? If you see a lot of odd use of the English language, then the chances are it was written by someone for whom English is their second language (sometimes termed ESL or English Second Language writers in the industry). If the website is written poorly, then what chance does your dissertation have!

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2. Check the service guarantees

Before you buy a dissertation make sure you check the service that is being offered to you. What exactly is included and what guarantees do you get? For instance, does the site:

  • Guarantee a certain quality, or perhaps they guarantee the work will be of a certain grade?
  • Are their writers qualified to help you?
  • Can you see a free sample of the writer’s work?
  • Is the work guaranteed to be plagiarism free and do they guarantee that your dissertation won’t be re-sold or published any where else?
  • Is the work guaranteed to be delivered on-time?
  • Can you specify the type of academic referencing to be used, Oxford, Harvard, MLA etc?
  • Is the service confidential, is your private data safe with them?

You can check these service guarantees on most dissertation writing service websites, just look for:

  • Their guarantees page – make sure you double check these guarantees on their terms and conditions page as well. Most guarantees for any service are going to have some terms associated with them, so check!
  • A good service will offer a free sample of their writer’s work if you are making a large order, which a dissertation will be! Take advantage of this if they do. If the work is poor, you can simply ask for another writer.
  • A good writing company will offer a no-plagiarism guarantee upfront, no arguments. They will also have a guarantee stating that your work will never be resold or published elsewhere, check this in their terms or on their guarantees page.
  • Most good writing services will know that different academic institutions will use different referencing styles, make sure you specify your style when you order and that they provide something for you to do so, a section on their order form for instance.
  • Make sure the service you use is confidential. Make sure they aren’t going to publish your dissertation online after you have bought it! A legitimate service will also have a privacy policy on their website and should ideally be a registered data controller. UK companies need to be registered to store your personal details!

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3. Make sure the service is right for you


This might be the most important point, once you know you are dealing with a genuine dissertation writing company. Make sure the service they offer is right for you:

  • Do you want a full dissertation written or just help with certain aspects like your literature review, proposal or methodology? If you do just want help with certain aspects, then make sure they offer that service, the good writing companies will.
  • Can you choose the referencing style you need? This should be an option when ordering your dissertation.
  • Do they offer a chapter by chapter delivery service? A good wiritng company will offer chapter by chapter delivery on larger orders.
  • Ask them about the service if you are in any doubt.

UK Essays offer all these services and more. You can learn more about their service on their website.

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